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How to Improve Your Cash Management with Brink's 24SEVEN App

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26 Apr 2022

There’s an app for just about everything these days, including one that can help you manage your business cash like never before. 24SEVEN is a key component of the Brink’s Complete solution, giving you the ability to stay connected to your cash digitally.

24SEVEN has several features to streamline your cash management process. 

Digitally register deposits in-store
You know the drill. When it comes to the way many businesses make cash deposits, it usually goes something like this: employees count and bag cash, sit in traffic on the way to the bank and back, and deal with long lines at the bank. This process wastes valuable time that could be spent in the store, helping your customers. Also, while your employees are making bank runs, you’re probably hoping they don’t lose any cash or become a victim of theft along the way.

With 24SEVEN, your employees can register deposits from the safety and comfort of your store. As part of Brink’s Complete, a secure smart safe called a Brink’s Box will be installed in your store. When an employee needs to register a deposit, they simply place the cash in a barcoded Brink’s deposit bag, open 24SEVEN on a mobile device or computer, scan or key in the bag’s barcode, review and submit the deposit, and then drop the barcoded deposit bag into the Brink’s Box. From there, Brink’s will send provisional credit to the bank account of your choice the very next business day, which can help improve your cash flow. With typical, manual cash processing, you must wait for associates or third-party providers to process deposits, potentially delaying your access to working capital.

Ordering change
Another common reason your employees may head to the bank is to pick up change. This presents the same challenges as taking deposits to the bank, and depending on the size of your business, it may mean you have to juggle relationships with multiple banks that charge various change order fees. As an add-on feature of Brink’s Complete, your employees can simply log in to the 24SEVEN app and order cash and coin in the denominations needed. The money is then delivered to your business by our Brink’s messengers when they service your Brink’s Box. It’s really that easy.

Track deposits and change orders
You’ll never again wonder where your deposits and change orders are with 24SEVEN. The app provides clear visibility, showing you the location of your deposits once our Brink’s messengers pick them up, and when they’ve arrived at our branches for processing. You can also access the dates of your deposits and the total amounts Brink’s messengers have picked up and our branches have counted.

For change orders, in 24SEVEN you can access an active log of the delivery process. You can see the details of the currency amounts you’ve ordered, orders in-process, and which employees signed off on past change orders, complete with their printed name, signature, date, and time.

Transparency, convenience, and efficiency in one place
The powerful 24SEVEN app simplifies time-consuming tasks and digitizes cash management. By keeping you connected with your cash anytime and anywhere, and with the ability to register deposits, order change, and track activity, you can do so much more with 24SEVEN. Ready to learn more about how our app and Brink’s Complete solution can help your business? Connect with our team for additional details.

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