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3 Advantages Mobile Technology Offers Businesses

Sarah Crandall

24 Jul 2020

Ah, technology. What would we do without it? Paying bills, ordering groceries for home delivery and even controlling your thermostat can be done from the touch of your phone. And on a business level, technology plays a pivotal role in simplifying operations and helping things run smoothly. Here are several advantages of incorporating mobile technology into your business.

It Improves Communication
If the recent COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us of anything, it’s that the world now has all kinds of tools to help us keep in touch with each other and communicate from afar. As many businesses have shut down face-to-face operations, the outbreak has forced millions of workers globally to work remotely and rely on video conferencing, emailing, instant messaging and phone calls get things done. While not everyone’s job allows for them work remotely and we still don’t know when things will return to “normal,” one thing is for certain: working remotely and communicating via mobile tech tools is much more feasible than it was even just 10 years ago. Today’s software and technology, including apps, messaging platforms, and the ability to quickly share files, makes it simple to stay in contact with customers, business partners and coworkers alike in a matter of seconds.

It Makes Critical Business Decisions Easier  
You can’t argue with facts, which are exactly what mobile-enabled analytics provide. Businesses often measure their website traffic and look at how many mobile visitors they get on a regular basis, which allows them to develop mobile-specific content for their customers.  Various businesses use data and metrics gathered from mobile technology to make critical decisions and learn about their customers. For example, Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, software allows business managers to look at electronic dashboards that give them an overview of how sales are, who’s buying what, and more.

It Saves Time
Mobile technology helps businesses save valuable time every day, and has all but removed the need for paperwork. Electronic agreements can now be quickly be sent and signed digitally. Important documents and images can be scanned at a moment’s notice, and QR codes can provide a wealth of information about a particular brand or product. Mobile tech tools can also store files digitally and easily, eliminating the need for hard copies that take up time to organize and space to physically keep them somewhere.

Brink’s and Mobile Technology
At Brink’s, we’re embracing the digital and mobile transformation and we’re creating tools to help businesses do the same. We’ve created Brink’s 24SEVEN, a digital platform that can be accessed from mobile devices and computers that allows business owners to stay connected to their cash digitally, anytime, anywhere. This tool is a key part of Brink’s Complete, an all-inclusive subscription service. Once cash is secured inside of a Brink’s tech-enabled device, 24SEVEN allows you to register bank deposits digitally, track them in near real-time, order change and even reconcile variances.

“We spent a lot of time focusing on our customers’ experience—trying to put ourselves in their position when it came to cash management,” says Rohan Pal, Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer and Chief Digital Officer of Brink's. “Our goal was to make cash as easy to manage as everything else that you can do online with a mobile phone or a computer. Certainly as easy as credit, but at a lower cost. We believe we’ve done that with 24SEVEN and Brink’s Complete.”

Click here to learn more about how 24SEVEN and Brink’s Complete can help you better manage your cash.

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